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Plumáge by PIPA Malaysia

RM 99.00


Plumáge ; a blend of colorful bird feathers. Drown yourself in a rich blend of musk & flowery scent. Just like a bunch of colorful feathers, this hair perfume will leave a thoughtful mark no matter where you go.

The Dominant Scent

The dominant scent for Plumage is Orange, this evergreen flowery tree is the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world. The smell of Freesia penetrated as a melody stands out from its accompaniment and gave you the most pleasure. The Grapefruit or known as Citrus of Paradise that is relatively young is historically known for its aromatic scent that widely used in aromatherapy. Bergamot the fruity sweet with mild spicy scent that gives a long lasting sweet freshness smell from its ripe fruit peel.


The Core Elements

The core element in Plumage. Juicy, nectarous, slightly sour and very fresh fruit that evokes the tropical Pineapple fruit. The scent of Pomegranate is subtle, distinct, twisting the green powdery fragrance of its skin around the sweet-tart and winey aroma of the seeds. Lily-of-the-Valley the green floral with a clean and bright profile, sweetish jasmine-like without the indolic nuance of the latter when used with other floral. Watermelon gives extremely fresh related to Calone and melon, very aqueous, transparent, summery. Lotus is a flower of antiquity and has long been associated with the history, culture, religion, ancient literature, art and crafts of India with its watery, aqueous qualities, light and ethereal with lightly sweetish tonality.


The Long Lasting Element

Last but not least, to maintain the hair fragrance long lasting we put these elements to Plumage. Sandalwood has a rich, balsamic, sweet fragrance with delicate wood smell that has been a part of the religious and spiritual traditions of India since prehistory and has been effectively used as traditional medicine from ancient times. Cedar wood has a distinctive woody, spicy-resinous scent that has been used to calm and balance the energies, promote spirituality and clear up dandruff. Musk has been used since antiquity and some of the first references of its use in perfume industry point to Arab and Byzantine perfume makers of the 6th century. Moreover, it was generously used by the caliphs of Banghdad and highly regarded among the Arabs. The smell was even added to mortared walls of mosques during their construction, to emanate the wonderful fragrance whenever its warmed by the sun.


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